Sunday, February 10, 2008

Windows xp key lost

Hey again,

I wanted to make a habit of posting only one blog per day, but its second blog already today. Maybe because a friend wanted to know his windows xp key, and he dont have the cd cover. Well, too bad, I really didnt want to help him out as he is wanting to upgrade to Vista, which I am always against, but then he started pleading and stuffs.

Have you heard of " Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder" ? Probably not, we its a small piece of software which can be used to get your OS keys, your microsoft office keys etc. Its if you are looking to upgrade to vista and have no idea of your windows xp keys, then this tool is for you. Well, for obvious reasons, you get discount if you upgrade from windows xp than buying Vista in single pack, so I think there will be people who would be looking for this software.

Here is the link

Force Vista to use Aero Glass.

First thing first,

Aero and Aero Glass both are same. And as usual, vista sux, yeah Big Time. Ok, I agree that Vista is pretty safe considering viruses and firewall issues.. but look what i got will slow down your wireless connection, its hard to find info about how to make things work for vista. So If you are planning to upgrade to vista from you beloved XP (notice caps) then don't you dare to upgrade, because again vista suxx..

Oh, forgot, in case you have vista, and you can't enable aero then...

1. Right click your desktop and click Personalize.
2. Select Windows Colour and Appearance.
3. From the list of colour schemes, click Windows Vista Aero.
4. Click OK.

I know, i know you cant see the options you gotta do some registry edits.

Here it goes..

Open your registry and browse to the following:


Set this to 1.

The browse to


Set this to 2.

Unless you reboot, you'll have to take one more step and restart DWM by opening the command prompt (must "run as" administrator) and type the following:

'net stop uxsms'

'net start uxsms'